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 FAQ - Diving

For divers that already have a certification / licence


diving krabi


Will we have a dive guide?

Yes – it is a legal requirement in Thailand National Parks to dive with a dive guide at all times.


How long do we dive for?

Maximum time at each stop is 60 minutes, but you must surface with at least 50 bar of air remaining.


What depth do we dive to?

The depth of your dives is depends on the certification depth limit of your dive group (Scuba Diver 12m, Open Water 18m, Deep Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water 30m) and will also depend on the site – some do not go deeper than 16m. We do try to keep divers with similar depth limits together but this is not always possible.


How many divers in each group?

Our maximum ratio is 5 divers to 1 dive guide. The ratio is determined by a number of factors such as the dive site, diver experience, and conditions.


How long do I have to wait until I fly?

You must leave at least 18 hours after your last dive before flying.


Can I bring my own dive equipment?

Yes, but please make sure it is working properly before you come so that you don’t miss a dive. Note that trip discounts apply if you bring your own BCD, Regulator, or Wetsuit.


I can’t find my certification card – can I still dive?

If you hold a PADI certification we can usually look you up on the PADI database. If you hold a certification with another body, such as SSI, NAUI, TDI, CMAS, BSAC, etc, then you will need to provide your logbook and complete a liability disclaimer form – please let us know when you book.


I don’t have a PADI certification card – mine is from SSI / TDI / NAUI / BSAC / CMAS (or another agency) – can I still dive with you?

Yes – just remember to bring your certification card or a photo of the front and back of the card on your smartphone, or show us your e-card. Where the agency does not issue a card, please ensure you bring your logbook for verification.


Do you provide diving equipment?

Yes - our trip prices include equipment rental – BCD, Regulator, 3mm short Wetsuit, Fins, Mask, 12L tanks, Weight belt and weights.


Do you have an underwater photographer?

Yes, a photographer is available on select trips. Photo packages vary in price. Ask for more information.


Can I bring my camera / go pro?

Yes of course. However, we expect all divers to practice good buoyancy control and act responsibly around marine life. So if you hold onto coral, kick up sand, lose control of your buoyancy, chase or poke marine life, etc, you will be required to put the camera away. The local Marine Park Rangers take a dim view of habitat destruction and harassing marine life, and there are significant penalties for such behaviour.


Can my friend/family/partner come along as a passenger?

Yes, they can come along and enjoy the sun and the views. The prices are here.


Can I do a tech / decompression dive?

Possibly – please contact us to discuss further.

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