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Nudibranchs... Have you ever heard of them?


The awaited monument of Ao Nang is now in position!


For many years wreck diving have been my great interest. When growing up I loved history and most wrecks will provide you with the great story, before you even get a chance to dive it.

Linea mask from Aqualung at Kon-Tiki Krabi

Linea Mask by Aqualung

Many divers and snorkelers know how important it is to have equipment, which fits you properly.

turtle diving krabi with kon-tiki dive center

Lately, there have been a couple weeks of attention to the oceans of the world, have you noticed?

underwater photography macro diving krabi ao nang

Always been confused about your camera settings and how they relate underwater? Here is a quick explanation for you to understand the basics.

PADI business seminar with Kon-Tiki in Bangkok 2015

PADI Business Academy 2015

Last week Kon-Tiki flew to Bangkok to participate in the yearly business academy held by our diving organisation PADI.

Let us show you a different angle of diving here with us in Krabi.


Hello everyone! Lately I've been snorkel guiding a couple of times. It's been fun to do something different and be able to do it by myself than just assisting a snorkel guide, like I've been before.

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