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lukas och hannes praktikanter

Hi! Our names is Lukas and Hannes, we are two school trainees from a upper secondary school located in the middle of Sweden named Tingvalla-gymnasiet. We are doing our practical work at Kon-Tiki Krabi.


Kon-Tiki teamed up with Trash Hero Thailand and participated in the 2015 Annual International Costal clean-up. 


As a scuba diver you may have been told how to use, used yourself or seen others use the DSMB.

Swedtech Diving is now offering Technical Diving Basic Skills course in our dive center facilities here in Ao Nang. If you are ready to put aside 9 days of extensive training, this is the course that will lay the foundation for your whole future diving career as a technical diver.


The Sea Moth is by far one of my favorite animals below the surface. It has the cute factor, but is also a great master in disguise.

Fins for diving and snorkeling in Krabi Ao nang

Having your own fins is highly recommended as not only are they light and portable, but can also be used for diving and snorkeling.


"The first pieces of equipment you should buy as a diver is a mask and snorkel". This is the statement that we dive instructors around the world often use.


Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about the fact why you ever started diving?

2017 COE Logos white bkg translations en US UK

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