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Shark Awareness Day 14th July 2017


Today we celebrated Shark Awareness Day with an educational quiz covering sharks in general as well as sharks locally, and learnt about the largest shark (Whale Shark) and the smallest sharks (Pocket and Dwarf Lantern sharks), along with lots of other shark facts.

 For instance, did you know that sharks smell directionally? That means if there is something on their left, they will smell it with their left nostril first, then their right nostril!

Although we didn’t spot any sharks during our diving or snorkeling around the Phi Phi Islands today, we still completed the log to contribute to the eShark Project.

The winner of the quiz was fun diver Angela who won a great new mask, while second and third places were hotly contested by Antonio, who completed his Nitrox course today, and Amber who was also fun diving. Both Antonio and Amber won rashguards and shark keyrings.

Congratulations everyone and thanks for celebrating Shark Awareness Day with Kon-Tiki Krabi!

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