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World Oceans Day at Kon-Tiki Krabi
Our Oceans, Our Future

On World Ocean Day we headed to the Phi Phi Island Marine Park in the Andaman Sea with divers from all over the world. Led by our own local Divemaster, Yut, and assisted by Instructors Fran and Till, and supported by the Petchmanee crew, guests scoured the ocean across two dive sites on Phi Phi Ley for trash – and look what they found!

worldoceandaykon tikikrabi
35kg of trash, plus a ghost net (abandoned fishing net)!

Many thanks for your efforts - Mark and Michael from Germany; Julien from the UK; Adithya and Chaithanya from India; and Qing Shan from China.

Everyday actions you can take to help the Ocean and the Planet




June 8 World Ocean Day

Following this year’s annual theme, Kon-Tiki diving invites you to participate in “Our Oceans, Our Future” cleanup project.

All divers this day will be invited to help the environment by cleaning up the dive sites that we visit.  Right now, rubbish is a constant threat to marine life.  

Ways to combat further plastic in our oceans it is important to know where it comes from and how it gets there in the first place.  Project Aware, an organization dedicated to cleaning up the world’s oceans, has put together this insightful video:

Taking Action Against Marine Debris


 Project Aware lists these as the top ten ways that you can reduce your environmental impact and help save our oceans as a diver:


  1. Be a Buoyancy Expert
  2. Be a Diving Role Model
  3. Take Only Photos - Leave Only Bubbles
  4. Protect Underwater Life
  5. Become a Debris Activist
  6. Make Responsible Seafood Choices
  7. Take Action
  8. Be an Eco-tourist
  9. Shrink Your Carbon Footprint
  10. Give Back

To download the full list, click here.

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