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Ebba gustav petchmanee 10 kon tiki krabi

Gustav has been assisting the shop staff in the shop with opening routine and clean the shop, put t-shirts and rashgard´s in the right way.

Short sleeve rashgard´s first from S to XXL after that long sleeve rashgard´s from S to XXL. He started a marketing project by looking up some new hotels too maybe create a deal with. Maybe they also need activity facilities. So he did a list over what he found. Ebba spend her day at Makro and dive center. She went shopping for stock at Makro with Alid. Afterwards she got to repair equipment at the dive center where she fixed mask, fins, and snorkels.

Gustav´s first time he had his own briefing talked about what they would see and how to use the equipment. He was also guide on the tour around Tonsai on Phi Phi don. During the snorkeling he had a snorkel taxi so they could stay close to each other and his guest had a great time as was really happy. Ebba continued the marketing project to find different resorts around in the area that we can leave brochures to. She called them and talked about out company KonTiki. We found around 10 resorts that we are going to next weekend and leave brochures. Fun to do something different!

Gustav got to be an actor as a victim on a rescue diver course and played different situation like play tired diver, diver with panic play unconscious on the bottom etc. so it was really fun to do even if it is a very serious and important course. Ebba assisted at Centara where she looked after guests needed some information or help about the different trips that we have. Then spotted a big lizard!! So scary because the lizard was so big! And as usual the monkeys arrived at 16:00.

Song kran thailand ao nang internships

Thursday Songkran (Thai New Year) so everyone at the company was off! It was so fun!! I like how they celebrate New Year! Even before we came to Tj´s, (the place where we should meet everyone) we went wet... haha! But so fun!! But one day to celebrate Songkran was enough because when we went back home we didnt have much energy left... A really good day!

Second time for Gustav as snorkeling guide and we saw sharks a lot of fish and the guests was really satisfied and told to Gustav that it was the best snorkeling he have been at and it was good visibility so we saw a lot of cool stuff. We was on Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai Ebba was in the shop preparing orders, put in costumers in the computer. In her break she needed to go all the way around Ao Nang as it was still Songkran on Friday even if the shops was not closed. So she was really wet when she came to the shop haha! Soon we start our Advanced Course the day after! Yeay!

Gustav and Ebba did their first day on the AOW (Advanced Open Water) course .We started the day at the dive center and picked up all our equipment that we needed for the day. Tomas was our instructor for the day. So we started easy with PPB (Peak Performance Buoyancy) and (Fish Id) so our first dive was ppb and during that dive we hover 1min and swam thru different things and from different angles. On our second dive we did fish identification and before the 2nd dive we had a briefing there we walked thru different fish and signs for them. So during the dive our instructor pointed on different fish and asked us for the right sign for it. We saw our two first turtles and that was very cool. We dived in 1st Maya corner and 2nd mushroom rock

Second day to finish the AOW course and we did three dives, first Deep dive second navigation dive and third drift dive. On our first dive during deep dive we did some underwater skills. Write our name in a square and point one to twenty in a correct order and the number was in a shuffle order. Second dive when we did navigation was our underwater skills like swim 30m and after that we wrote down how many kicks we did and how long time it took, after that swim a straight line with so much kicks we counted and after the straight line we swam a square on same kicks in each direction. And during the third we swam in a current and just drift and looked on cool stuff. We dived in 1st Viking bay 2nd koh bida nok and 3rd Lana bay

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