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 gustav kon tiki fish t shirt

Monday shop/ Centara

Gustav was in the shop this Monday and as usual we do the opening routine and clean the shop

which include swiping the floors, clean glass door, clean all masks, mirrors, put t-shirts and rash guards in the right way. We also took pictures on one grey Kon-Tiki fish t-shirt and the new blue Kon-Tiki shirt and send those to a customer in USA. Gustav was a model for those pictures.

Tuesday Gustav was at Centara and helped Leif in the shop. At 11am to 1pm he have free try diving in the pool and this time we had a ten year old boy who wanted to try diving. He was really good and after his try diving we had around 1hour left and no one in the line for try diving either so we asked him if he wanted to continue and do some missions like fill the half mask with water and recover the regulator. During the day I also helped a family who tried some kids masks.

Ebba inventory shop

Ebba was in the shop this day. She started to clean the shop as usual and then later she looked so we had all dry bags we needed for inventory. Later she helped Malene with purchase orders, putting all received items in the system.

Wednesday day we enjoyed our day off
Thursday snorkeling/ shop

At 06.30am I was on the diving center and packed equipment for a snorkeling day for two persons me and a guest, we were three snorkelers with me but it was one snorkeler who had own fins and mask. Johnny, Fran, Fon and Gustav were the staff on Ing Marie, the smaller boat. Fon took care of the briefing for my snorkelers but I took care of them in the water. On the last snorkeling stop the guests wanted to enjoy their time on the boat so I jumped in the water and dived with Fon and two guests.

Ebba was in the shop this day. In the beginning of the day it didn’t come in so many people to the shop but in the afternoon it became quite busy so she helped the customers and asked if they needed any help. A good day with many people in the shop!

Friday shop Centara

Gustav was in the shop and during the day I copy some knowledge reviews together with Maria.
Ebba was at Centara with Leif this Friday and we had many people in the pool.

gustav trash hero sunday

Sunday Trash Hero

Sunday is trash hero day and we went to a new beach to clear. This time park area at Nopparat Thara beach! We were only 5-7 people and it was very little trash so it was hard to day the weather was sunny and very hot so we picked our trash in the shadow I don’t know how many kilos we picked but it was still a lot put together.

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