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PM10 phi phi islands

Hello there, it's Mathilda and Jennifer who is writing!

We are now in our fourth week, during this time we have learned a lot’s of things. We have been doing many funny things that we are going to write about now.

Last week we started our open water course which takes 4 days to do. We had theory and practice in the pool the two first days and the two other days we did all the exercises as required for this course in the sea. This weekend we did our final exam and we made it, we are very happy that we now are finally certified open water divers!
We have been in the boat pretty much the last two weeks and we think it's so fun, we have worked as baby-sitters and also helped the snorkel guides. We have been to the beautiful Phi Phi Island where we also got a very good guided tour.

We have been helping Malene in the office and she learned us about office work, we think it is very funny with a little variety and to learn new things. On Monday we followed Alid on a little shopping tour to Kon-Tiki. He showed us where the night market is and where you can find the best and cheapest things. We also followed him to a large shopping center and some other smaller shops where he only bought a few things.

One more very funny day was when we out with the smaller boat and learned about the rescue course, we were victims for the two students who did the course. We got to do things as being a diver in panic, so the students would "save us" and know exactly what to do if this would happen after this course. The instructor Nicky watch the students when they were rescue us and we think the both students made it.

We had some free time at Saturday and Sunday, during the Saturday we went and discovered the beautiful island Railey, we went and looked around, we also took the chance to take a swim in the sea and also to work on our sun tan. On Monday we went to Ao Nang beach, but we had some bad luck when it started to rain so we had to go back home. Then we have the opportunity to study to our final exams we had to do at the evening.

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