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centara pool

Hello everybody! It’s Mathilda and Jennifer who is writing and we are going to tell you about our first week here in Thailand. We are school students from Tingvalla Gymnasium in Sweden.

We think our first week have been fantastic, we have been doing a lots of things. On our first day, we received a briefing in the store and learned where all things were placed. We also learned how to accept reservations and how we answer different mails in a good way. On Friday we were at different places, Mathilda went with Nicky on a snorkel guide in the boat. The first thing we did was to put all the equipment in the boat, then prepares for all the guests. When it was time for snorkeling, I had to keep an eye on all the guests so nobody disappeared, and even take “extra – care” for the customers who were for example very nervous. Together with Nicky I had to make sure everybody was swimming in a group, no one was swimming alone. I saw a lots of beautiful fishes and it was very exciting, and all the people who were working at the boat are so nicely and have a lots of humor.

Jennifer was at the Centara hotel with Leif where they also have a Kon-Tiki shop. When we first open the store it was people who came to the shop. I didn’t have so much to do so I took the time to study in the diving book for our PADI Open Water diver course. At 17.00 we were closing the store and we were walking through the monkey trail back to Ao Nang. I have never seen so many monkeys on the same time and I have never seen a monkey so close to me.

On Sunday we were supposed to help the trash heroes, but unfortunately we got lost and didn’t find the group so we spend the day in the shop for the rest of the day. 

Our time here in Ao Nang so far we have learned for example it is a lots of traffic, so big different from Sweden. In Thailand they drive pretty fast and they also drive to many people on their motorbikes, in Sweden you don’t drive that fast and with more than 2 persons on motorbike.

The best thing with Thailand is all the beautiful islands, we have never seen anything like this before. The food is very good too, it’s so much to choose between.
It’s so beautiful here and we really look forward to stay here for 7 weeks more, it’s going to be fantastic! We love Ao Nang and of course Kon – Tiki.

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