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padi scuba diver ao nang krabi thailand

1. It’s actually good for you!

A big part of diving is to learn to breathe slowly and calmly. This will give you a relaxed attitude and positive mind. It relieves stress – calm focused breathing along with no emails or annoying phone calls!

2. Make friends
It doesn’t matter if you travel with a buddy or on your own, you will always be diving with a group of like-minded individuals. Everyone has experiences to share and stories to tell. I’ve made many friends over the years and stayed in touch with them. They travel to visit me wherever I may be, and of course vice versa. There’s a special relationship that divers share.

3. Travel
Listen to the friends you have already made – where’s the coolest place they’ve been? Try it for yourself. Without diving you may have never considered some destinations.

4. Explore
71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes. Try them! You can get up close and personal to a vast array of creatures in their natural environment. And as for wrecks – ships, planes, even whole villages! You cannot become bored when such a variety is on offer. Use your imagination!

5. Have fun
And of course let’s not forget probably the most important reason to learn to dive – have fun! Diving is incredible and until you’ve tried it you’ll never understand why others spend time and money on their hobby, even make a lifestyle change to make it their living. It’s highly unlikely you will ever become an astronaut and get the same feeling of weightlessness as you can as a diver. Your experiences will stay with you for a lifetime.

Consider swapping the everyday for a life changing experience, discovering a shared passion with new friends and old.

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