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babysitter on the kon-tiki dive boat in krabi thailand

Since I’ve been working 7 years in my home country as a kinder garden teacher, it comes natural for me to take care of the cute toddlers that come on the boat from time to time.

It gives me a nice break from diving and I get to come back to the feeling back home surrounded by the laughter from a curious little child on a big big boat.

It’s amazing how you can connect with a child in such short time and get them to feel comfortable enough to spend some time with you while their parents get to go diving or snorkeling and explore the underwater world for a while.

The boat is exiting, you can actually try how it is to drive the boat, make sure you don’t turn the wrong way. The captain will show you how to drive it.

While mom and dad are swimming with the fish we can instead watch Finding Nemo on the big TV or maybe the cool Minions. If you feel like it we can also jump in the water with a life jacket, swim around and see what we can find. Maybe Nemo is down there just waiting for us, or a turtle having corals for lunch?

For the smallest ones we have a box full with toys to play with all day long! If you as a parent think that your baby needs to have a little nap during the day, there is no problem bringing the trolley on board and I will happily sing a lullaby song for them to fall asleep.

Exciting day full of surprises throughout the whole day, so what are you waiting for? Book a diving trip with us today, for the whole family and spend a day on the sea!


Matilda, SCUBA diving instructor and babysitter for Kon-Tiki Krabi

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