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lukas and hannes finished the PADI advanced open water diver course

The last week of our fantastic and educational period here in beautiful Thailand!

Lukas and Hannes here!

Since last time you’ve heard from us have we now successfully taken the next step in diving, we are now both advanced open water divers, and it feels amazing!!!

The last two dives we did was first underwater navigation, were we learned how to navigate our self while underwater using a compass, and using natural references so we have to remember what we see, for example where different fish families lives, how the corals look to navigate our way back to the point we started.

The second and last dive to accomplish the course was peak performance buoyancy, we learned different ways to swim to have more control over our buoyancy and how to breathe to increase our buoyancy control.
This week our teachers from Sweden came to see have we were doing, and see and hear all that we’ve learned on this eight weeks. So on Thursday we took them out on the boat to snorkel guide them, it went really well and it was actually our first time ever being snorkel guides alone.

We saw a black tip reef shark, which came swimming right to us but then turn around and flew up to catch a fish, and on less than a second the shark was gone. As said, we are now an on the last week, it’s only a couple of days left until we head back home to Sweden. We are both so grateful that we had this chance to come to Kon-Tiki Krabi and do our practical work here for 2 months, we have learned so much and it has really been the time of our lives.

Hopefully this isn’t the last time you hear from us, and thank you all that have been reading our blog posts, hopefully you have enjoyed it!

Thanks for us,

Hannes and Lukas!

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