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padi advanced course with night diving in krabi

On our way to advanced open water!!!

Hi guys, the trainees from Ao Nang here! Hope you all are having as good time as we have here!

As we wrote for a couple of weeks ago that we were planning to take the next step and face the advanced open water. We have now started the course and have already done the first three out of five dives.

And the first dive we did was deep dive, which we did at Kled keo, Kled keo is a wreck so it was cool to see that too. But back to the deep dive, we started the dive with descending down to 26 meters were we sat down on the bottom. Our instructor asked us some simple mathematic problems that we had to solve, to see how the brain gets affected by the depth; the brain took much more time to figure the math problems out. We also had a slate with us down that we had to write our name backwards on. We looked how the colors changes as deeper you go.

The second dive we did was Computer & Multilevel, were we before dove planned the dive and how deep our dive would be. So we planned to start the dive at 20 meters for 10 minutes, and then ascend to 10 minutes for 15 minutes, and then 5 meters for the safety stop.

And on the third dive we had Fish AWARE and identification, which means that we’ve now learned a lot more about fishes, how to recognize them, how to easier remember them.
We also learned about how we as snorkelers and scuba divers have to work to make more people aware of the climate issues there are out at the sea, let all the people know what we see, and all the changes we see that happens right in front of our eyes for the marine life.

That was three fantastic and educational dives, next week we are going to do our last two dives for the advance course which will be underwater navigation and peak performance buoyancy. We’ll let you know the next week if we successful completed to be advanced open water divers, until then have a really good time.

Best regards,
Hannes & Lukas

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