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hannes and lukas with aqualung equipment

Hi it’s Lukas and Hannes again how are you all doing? We are doing great, having a wonderful time here at Kon-Tiki.

This week we thought that we would write about diving and a little bit about coral sand, you know the sand fishes poop out (more about that later).

Let’s start with the diving part, now we both have finished the open water diving courses and now we are certificated open water divers. Now when we are certificated divers we can start our fun dives, YEEEY!!!

A fun dive is just as simple as it sounds, it’s when you just dive for fun, explore the amazing marine world, learn new things about the sea and the fishes, meet other divers and having a really good time. Me (Hannes) has been a victim and helped on a rescue diver course for two days. Where I for example played unconscious, very excited, had breathing problems, out of air and tried to get to the surface as fast as possible. I thought it was really funny and not only funny, it was also very educational and I took with me a lot of experience. This week will Lukas also be a victim for the rescue diver course and he’s really excited about it.

And now over to the coral sand!! Coral sand is actually made by parrot fishes, because they are eating from the corals and later on when they poop it out it becomes coral sand. The sand is bright as icing sugar, and when the sun is shining on it and everything is hot the coral sand doesn’t heat up so it’s very nice and smooth to walk on. Another cool fact is that one parrot fish can actually make 100kg coral sand on one year, which is very cool.
That’s all from us this week, we hope that you have a nice week and you’ll hear from us next week.

Greetings, Hannes and Lukas.

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