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Hi again! It’s Hannes, the school trainee. I am now done with my Open Water diving course and it feels fantastic!!

Now I can explore the other 70% of the planet so I thought that I will write about how it was for me to learn diving.

We had the first theory lesson on Tuesday where we watched PADI movies and answered questions in the Open Water book while watching the movie. After lunch was it time to go to the pool, put all the gear together, put it on and after that, jump in to the pool. The first breath I took underwater was amazing, I’ll never, ever forget that moment! The feeling of breathing underwater can’t be described, it’s just weird for a human.

After breathing a while under water was it time to learn some skills that you have to learn to become an Open water diver, the skills are for example pull of your mask from your face under water and put it back on and then clear it from water, help your buddy if he or she is out of air or having other problems.

Now it is Wednesday, we started in the pool and I felt more and more comfortable in the water. After lunch we headed back to the classroom for the last theory lesson. Now I couldn’t wait until it was time for heading out to seas in the boat to explore the underwater life.

On Thursday I met up with my instructor Matilda at Kon-Tikis dive Centre to put all the gear together and help out with all the packing. After we had packed everything we needed and all he guest were on board the boat we started driving out to seas.
Matilda had a briefing, told us what we were going to do before, while and after we jump into the water. So we started the dive doing some skills we had learned before in the pool, and I thought it felt much easier doing the skills in the sea then in the pool.

On the last dive I and Matilda came across three Hawksbill turtles, and one of then we came really close to so we become buoyant and stared at it for at least one minute while it was eating and then swam away from us. A really cool moment!!
It’s such an amazing feeling to just float around, in the water feeling weightless and I love it so much. Absolutely the funniest and coolest thing I’ve ever done is learning to dive, and I have already decided to take Advanced open water which allows me to go down to a max depth of 30 meters, as an Open water I’m allowed to go down to 18 meters. And I want to see what creatures there are at 30 meters depth.

 Swim calm or "simma lugnt" as we say in Swedish.

Greetings, Hannes!!!

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