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lukas och hannes praktikanter

Hi! Our names is Lukas and Hannes, we are two school trainees from a upper secondary school located in the middle of Sweden named Tingvalla-gymnasiet. We are doing our practical work at Kon-Tiki Krabi.


Today we have done something good for the beautiful nature in Thailand. We have participated as volunteers for a group called “Trash Hero Ao Nang” there they meet up every Sunday from 10pm – 12pm and clean up on all the beaches (one beach at the time) located in Ao Nang.

Today we were cleaning up on Napparat Thara Beach and we were a group of 25 people, from kids to older adults, we managed to pick up a lot of trash.
It really felt great to be helpful and help cleaning up the beach, and we hope that we can do this more often and make more people participate and help to make the beaches even cleaner.

Together we both picked up around 50 kilos, the most of the garbage is straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles. So the easiest way to prevent this happening is to throw all your garbage in a trashcan, don’t leave it at the beach, nor throw it away in the sea and (or) on the ground.

If you felt interested in helping out and want more information just log into Facebook and search for “Trash hero Ao Nang” and you’ll find it. It’s a fantastic job they manage to do, sometimes they collect over half ton garbage in only two hours witch is just fantastic!!

Have a good day, hope this felt into your interest.
Greetings, Lukas and Hannes.

trashehro trash

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