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Swedtech Diving is now offering Technical Diving Basic Skills course in our dive center facilities here in Ao Nang. If you are ready to put aside 9 days of extensive training, this is the course that will lay the foundation for your whole future diving career as a technical diver.

The course in Technical Diving Basic Skills is primarily a preparation for technical diving. We have chosen to add extensive theory and dive training which distinguish us from other organizations, where extensive theory comes in much later.

The course is designed to allow you to gradually learn advanced diving techniques while making you aware of the dangers through a safe practice and problem solving because as we all know that prevention is better than cure.

The prerequisites for technical diving courses are high. After this course, you will have the ability and knowledge to cope with a technical diving course. However, even divers who want to expand their knowledge in diving skills and equipment configuration can take the course and thereby improve safety, awareness and self-confidence in diving.

During this course we go through effective and streamlined equipment configuration for technical diving. We practice propulsion techniques, balance, trim, diving in teams, communication, dive planning and problem solving.

The Technical Diving Basic Skills includes NITROX education and handling of a "stage" cylinder with bottom gas.

However you choose to use your new diving skills after this course, we know that you will be more skilled, safer and more aware. This course will change your way of diving and will make you enjoy your future diving in a safer and more skillful way.

Prerequisites Technical Diving Basic Skills
- Students must be 18 years old
- Have at least 50 logged dives in varying dive environments
- Good physical and mental health

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Edd Stockdale: http://www.swedtechdiving.com/courses/technical-diving-basic-skills/2015-11-16/

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