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The Sea Moth is by far one of my favorite animals below the surface. It has the cute factor, but is also a great master in disguise.

When walking over the sand bottom it is really difficult to spot this one, but once you have seen one, others will be more easily to find. It will blend in to the environment weather this might be sand, corals or a muddy bottom. Seamoths have modified pelvic fins that allow them to "walk" across the sea bottom.

It can adjust its colors over time, to look exactly like its surrounding environment. They regularly shed their skin in pieces in an effort to rid themselves of offensive organisms. They don't have any teeth and their jaws as their mouth is like a tube-like mouth, so they can suck worms and other small invertebrates.

The Sea Moth mostly feed on worms, small shrimps, and other invertebrates. It is a bottom dweller and when hunting it uses its camouflage.

Their friends and mates around the bottom are seahorses, pipefish and gobies that also face threats which include fisheries where they are caught as bycatch or on purpose for use in traditional Chinese medicines. So their life span is short, population low and with monogamy with long-term pair bonding put them at risk of exploitation.

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