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The awaited monument of Ao Nang is now in position!

It is in the shape of the powerful Sailfish and as locals, we are happy that it is finally up to symbolize our connection to the ocean and to welcome new arrivals at the Ao Nang beach.

The sailfish is very popular to catch while game fishing. With its cobalt blue back and scary beak, they are known to reach speeds over 100 km/hour and with their beautiful dorsal fin that resembles a sail, the Sailfish has become a symbol of challenge, mystery and adventure.

Some of the things that Sailfish might also represent are tenacity, triumph, decision, bravery, forever moving forward, clarity of purpose and direction, ability to get rid of negative energy, ability to pierce the hard shell of an enemy and ability to be sensitive to another without losing its own focus and direction. All of that seems like very good things to represent Ao Nang – A place that is constantly moving forward and developing.

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