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Linea mask from Aqualung at Kon-Tiki Krabi

Linea Mask by Aqualung

Many divers and snorkelers know how important it is to have equipment, which fits you properly.

The mask is by far the most important piece of equipment, when we talk about perfect fit. During my years of diving and snorkeling I have gone through many different types of masks and different brands. Now I have finally found the one which fits me perfectly and I love it!

I'm not particularly into a female collection when it comes to diving equipment, but here Aqualung hit the nail! The Linea mask offers features to women, which I have not seen in a mask before. The buckle system is super comfortable, as it is covered and therefore offers a tangle free buckle! It can be adjusted to the millimeter. The Linea mask is a one lens mask with a wide-angle view and the distance of the lenses to the eyes significantly small. It improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume. Effortless to clear! So if you are a lady with a slim face or a free diver, this mask is for you.

The silicone skirt is 2 different textures of silicone, called Aqua Lung's "Advanced Fit Technology". This forms a great seal against the face and minimizes water entry, as well as, reduces those lines left on your face after a dive. Most people might like a clear mask; however I prefer a mask with black silicone.

For me the advantages of a black silicone is that it allow the diver to better focus in on details such as camera and animals or underwater features on the edge of visibility. In the pool I can easily focus on my students without out being distracted. Though some people believe the black silicone skirt gives a feeling of tunnel vision, which can be more claustrophobic. For this reason they may not be the best choice for beginning divers or snorkelers.
Selection of both models and frame colors is limited in black skirt masks and some models are not available with black skirts. Those that are, frequently have none or limited different color frames.

The clear silicone masks give a lighter appearance and you can see your skin's natural color, features and character. The clear mask is a definite advantage for the underwater model. Light penetrates the mask better and illumination of the face without harsh shadows. So much better for a snorkeler. An advantage of the clear masks is that it gives the illusion of improved peripheral vision. Maybe up for debate if you can actually see more, but it definitely feels that way for some. It does help in tracking your buddy's light during a night dive. However, because light penetrates all the way around the mask, there can be flares, reflections and glare that can be distracting, especially to photographers and if you as an instructor is sitting in a shallow pool doing skills with students. Clear silicone also shows easily wear and tear.

Some have 2 masks or more, and I have learned that on dive trips there are certain pieces of gear, which you need to have backups with you. Masks being one of them (some divers even carry a spare mask with them in the water). Masks fail, which can ruin a dive and a dive trip. They can also be crushed in transport either by careless bag handlers. Masks are not too expensive, so why not get 2, one of each.

Finally take care of your masks. Keep them in a case or your foot pocket in your fins to protect them, not just from crushing but also from lens and skirt scratching and make sure to rinse of with fresh water after the trip.

So what kind of mask do you prefer?

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