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Hello everyone! Lately I've been snorkel guiding a couple of times. It's been fun to do something different and be able to do it by myself than just assisting a snorkel guide, like I've been before.

I feel more secure with taking my own groups with a smaller amount of people. I think the hardest part is when I'm in the water, to keep track of all the guests so that they don't get separated from me and at the same time trying to show them all the fishes and corals and remember the names. But I try to bring a fish slate so that I can look it up if I'm not sure about something. I was one day on exotic Phi Phi and one day on Sunset BBQ.

When my teacher arrived here last week, he got to be on the boat one day with me as a snorkel guide and I had to show him what I've learned. They were a group of three people and I had to do it all in English. But it went good and we got to see some black tip reef sharks. I will probably do some more guiding this week. Sadly, I don't have a lot of days left here at Kon-tiki Krabi and this will probably be my last blogpost here. On Sunday I will be flying back to Sweden. I've had a great time here for eight weeks and I really don't want to leave. By having an internship here I've learned so much, about diving and about Thailand, I knew almost nothing when I first got here. It's been a good combination of working on the boats and in the shop and I'm learning something new every day. I will really miss this place for sure.

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