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Can't believe that I've been here in Thailand for over a month now and I have less than half of the time left here.

Since my last blogpost I've been climbing a mountain with some of the Kon-tiki staff. It was this Saturday and I woke up at five in the morning. It felt weird because it was pitch black outside when we drove away with our scooters. But I'm telling you, it was totally worth it! The name of this place is Hang Nak Mountain and it is a thirty minutes' drive from Ao Nang. It was exhausting to get up there, it took us about one and a half hour and I was wearing flip-flops, really stupid.

During the walk up you can stop at two viewpoints. But when you get to the top you get the best view, of course. You could see the ocean and the islands and the nature looks so amazing when you see it from above. Unfortunately it was a bit foggy that day so it wasn't the best visibility. But you could still see very far and I got some nice photos up there.


What else...? Oh, I have actually been diving for one day. A got a mission to act a student for Rickard who did his Dive Master course here at Kon-Tiki. We did two dives, one fun dive and one DSD, Discover Scuba Diving, where people who don't have a license can try it out. During the dives there were some regular problem that was going to occur and he had to fix them, for example my mask got filled up with water and I didn't know how to clear it and was going to panic a little bit. He did everything good. We also did some snorkeling and he thought me how to do freediving, which I really liked. I want to learn more about that. For me it was a fun and inspiring day and I learned a lot. Maybe one day I'll become a dive master too?
Have a great week and I'll see you again soon!

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