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turtle phi phi diving from ao nang krabi with kon-tiki

Guess what I did last week? Yes, that's right I passed my Open Water course.

It was so fun, I'm already thinking about taking the Advanced Open Water course. I started off on Saturday with my first dive at Hin Bida and I saw two Leopard sharks!!! And it was my first dive! I also got to see moray eels and lots of other fishes; it was amazing, I really love the underwater world. In total there were two days in the open water and two dives per day, so four dives in total. In every dive that we did there were different skills that we had to complete, like what to do if you run out of air, clearing the mask under water, taking off and on the equipment in the water, switching between snorkel and regulator and so on. We practiced the skills in the pool the days before so it was easy but the skills are harder to do in the open water then in the pool of course. After we did the skills we had some time to fun dive.

I finished the course on Sunday and on Monday I got to be on the boat again for snorkeling safari. I helped out with stock check and then I also got to do a fun dive with Nicky. Because there was a guest that wanted to try scuba diving but then changed their mind so I took the chance and did another dive. This was the best dive I think, the guest that changed their mind really missed out on something good. It was in Maya Corner and I saw a bunch of fun stuff, turtle, spiny lobster, a huge moray eel and many beautiful fishes. Al the other dives that I did we had skills to do but this one was only fun diving so I had time to see more.

I have no idea when my next dive will be but when the day comes I will bring my camera and shoot some nice photos to show you on the blog. / Julia

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