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Hello everyone! My name is Julia and in the beginning of this week I traveled here all the way from Sweden. I am intern and this is my third day here at Kon-Tiki Krabi, out of a total time of 8 weeks. You may wonder how I got the chance to have an internship on the other side of the globe.

Well, back in Sweden I'm studying at an upper secondary school called Tingvallagymnasiet. There are two teachers at my school who work really hard to give the students this chance. When the semester begins, the student gets the opportunity to apply and then maybe come to an interview, if they think you're suitable. After the interview the teachers pick out the students who they want to send away and tell them the happy news. I was one out of 7 students, who're also here in Thailand at the moment, but in different places. Both of the teachers followed us here and after eight weeks they're coming back to pick us up.

These couple of days that I have spent here at Kon-Tiki, I have been working in the shop. I'm used to work in a store back in Sweden so I find a lot of similarities. But I don't know very much about diving yet so that's what I'm about to learn. Yesterday I got to walk around in the shop and make sure that every item had a price tag, if it didn't had one I got to go in to the computer and find the right price tag of the item and print it out. I also got to fold all the T-shirt so it looked nice and proper and were sort by size and color. I think that doing simple stuff like that is a great way to start learning about the products and about diving. Right now I'm really looking forward to see how much I can learn about diving in these 8 weeks. I wonder when I'm about to start my open water diving course? Stay tuned!

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