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Hey, I’m Charlie and am the 20 year old Divemaster that’s doing his second season at Kon-Tiki. I’m going to let you inside the Kon-Tiki Machine and follow the life from my eyes.

I’m here because I take decisions with my heart as guide.

I have so many memories, amazing stories, friendships to be grateful that day when I made the life changing decision. You do forget it some few times with all the hard work. If you just stop for a minute and look around and see this is my dream, any hard work in the world can’t bring down that smile.

A dream differs for all of us because we have different ideas what a dream life is like. What I do now, this is my dream. Working with my biggest passion, sharing the passion, and making an impression on people. The result of this is an enormous happiness.

A dream coming with a rough decision as well. For me I do miss to have my family around me, see the new baby’s in the family see my family to grow up. But in the end I now, I don’t like to read about adventures, I rather be in them.

Live life the right way, your way

/ Charlie

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