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Hello everyone!

Now I have done my sixth week here at Kon-Tiki Krabi and my journey will soon come to an end. Well everything has to come to an end.

I started this week with snorkeling safari, I had one job and that was to do the monthly boat inventory. This did not go as well as I hoped because the wind decided to take my inventory-paper over board. Well, these things happens. On Wednesday I joined Malene at the dive center for some cleaning. It was more fun than it sounds, the thing is that I actually miss to clean, make my own food (!!) and to do all these other little things I usually do at home. I know it sounds weird, but it is true.

On Saturday I joined our tour to Koh Haa where I got to dive. Guess what, I saw my first turtle there. So now I have seen all my "must see"-things. Finally! Otherwise I have been in the shop, getting even more confident to handle costumers, to sell things and to book in costumers and that feels really good. I can now handle most of it all by myself. It is going to be so weird to go back to school now when I am used to work at least nine hours per day, six days a week. Also I am used to handle things on my own, I really feel like a new person. Well, that was all for now. See you next week, new adventures are coming!


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