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Hello everyone!

I am really starting to feel like this is my home now

, for the moment it actually is. I started the week on our snorkel safari, took some pictures of the boat for school work and helped our Dive Master Trainees on their course. They were supposed to teach customers how to skin dive so I acted like a student who wanted to learn this.

On Thursday I joined our Dive Master Trainees in the pool but only in the morning. This time I had to act like a person that wanted to dive for the first time so they could practice on assisting a Discover Scuba Diving Course. My task was to do some common mistakes, that they where suppose to help me with so they could practice on handling those kinds of situations. The afternoon I spent in the shop.

On Friday I had a little mission to check the boat to see if there were anything we could improve. When I came to the dive center they told me that they were going to let me dive. That was because my mission would not take so long time. When I heard that, I became like a child on Christmas. It was wonderful! Definitely one of the best days so far! But even if I got to dive I still did what I was supposed to do, of course! It was fun to do something different and it was so wonderful to be in the ocean again. Perfect surprise!

That was all for now. See you next week, more adventures are coming!

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