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Hello everyone!

Today I have done my forth week here at Kon-Tiki, Krabi.

The weeks are only going faster and faster. The week began in the best way! On Monday I got to join our snorkelingsafari where I got to see how it was like to be boatchief and I also got to write numbers under each tank on the boat (I would show you a picture of it if I had). But the best thing about that day was that I got to swim together with two beautiful blacktip reef sharks. It was amazing!

On Tuesday I finished my Advanced Open Water Course. It was fun and totally worth it. This day we went to Shark Point, King Cruiser and Anemone reef. Here I got the chance to see my first seahorse, my first scorpionfish and lots of lionfishes (and lots of other cool fishes).

Besides that I have mostly been in the shop. I am getting more comfortable in talking to the costumers, do bookings on my own, do sales and it feels really good to be able to handle that more and more on my own. There are still a lot to learn but I am working on it. I also clean the shop a little bit in the morning, making sure everything looks good. I must say I really enjoy being here, everyone is so helpful, kind and the really makes me feel welcome. That is all for now. Tomorrow I am joining the snorkelingsafari again and who knows? Maybe I am going to see some more sharks.

See you in a week, more adventures are coming!

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