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apeks technical diving

Why become a technical diver?

Technical divers have had passion for diving long time before we became tec divers. Some liked to dive wrecks, some of us to explore untouched coral gardens, canyons and for underwater photography. Until... one day we understood that there is even more to explore but it is deeper than our recreational diver training permit, and there is a safe way to dive deeper and stay longer underwater.

So, the answer to first question is, the same as it was when you first learnt to dive - to see more!

Untouched, almost virgin wrecks, caves, deep water natural reefs and much more are waiting beyond one tank diving limits.

What is the difference? - How to plan and execute your dives, how to manage and choose correct equipment, gas planning. How to react and manage emergency situations. Sounds familiar! Exactly - tec divers just have more equipment to carry, more planning to do, and during training and practice we become better team players, and last but not least - we became better buddies to other divers!

During this years Kontiki Tectober month and events, we decided to explain and introduce some well known dive sites in the Andaman Sea and inland lakes as tec diving targets.
The idea of Tectober is aimed at recreational divers who will learn some tec basics which may help them choose a path towards technical diving but also improve their recreational diving knowledge and ability.

Stay online and book your place in our Tectober event for 25.10.2014, Krabi, Ao Nang!

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