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Ao Nang Beach Cleanup 2014

Project A.W.A.R.E's (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education) annual international beach cleanup day was this year again organized by Kon-Tiki Krabi in Ao Nang.

The mission for the day was to get as much rubbish and materials harmful to the marine environment away from Ao Nang beach. In total we were assisted by 16 children, 43 adults and all were doing their bit to protect our environment. One of the main purposes of this day is to get children involved and educating them in the importance of recycling and the dangers of throwing trash in our fragile environment. All the children involved were very excited about this day and did a really good job collecting trash. To motivate all the cleaners even more to do their best, Kon-Tiki arranged a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize competition for the ones who collected the most rubbish, the most environmentally hazardous material and the one who collected to most weird piece of rubbish. Of course the children did the best job in cleaning our local beach, but several staff members from Amari Vogue, Makro, Tourist Police, TUI Nordic and Jennas on came down to do a bit of cleaning as well!

In total the cleanup day resulted in about 197 kg of plastics, glass and metal removed. On all the station there were a donation box for Project AWARE, in total the sum donated came up to over 2159 baht! Everyone involved did a great job and we all look forward to next year when we can do all of this again, because sadly trash will never stop appearing on our beach.

We would like to thank all our Sponsors for donating prizes to this day.
One Stop - The Equipment Specialist
PUSH Fitness Center
Blue Mango Restaurant
CarniVore Restaurant

And all our suppliers who were donating supplies for this day:
Ao Nang Whisky
DeCare Pharmacy
PonSak Water
Amari Vogue Resort and Spa
Prusait Fruits



Malene Jensen
General Manager & proud cleaner

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