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Kon-Tiki's Newest instructor from 'Oz'


Hi everyone - My name is Nicky, originally from Melbourne (Australia), and I’ve just joined Kon-Tiki Krabi as an Instructor. I love being in and around the water (of course), but I also enjoy escaping with a book - I can lose hours, and sometimes days!

My favourite aquatic animals to see on a dive (at the moment) are sharks, nudibranchs and octopuses. I also love watching manta rays - so incredibly graceful. My wish list includes - you guessed it - more sharks, especially whale sharks!

I got hooked on diving in 2008 when I saw two turtles dancing on a Discover Scuba Diving experience in Bali. Over the following years I developed my diving skills and experience in the cooler waters of Melbourne, and learnt more new skills - like driving a boat (not as big as Petchmanee though!) - eventually deciding to share my passion and so became an Instructor.

I easily remember that I was definitely not the model diver straight out of my Open Water course, so I particularly enjoy introducing people to our underwater paradise through Discover Scuba experiences and Open Water courses. When I first began diving, I was slow to develop good buoyancy, so it’s now the skill that I most like to see my students achieve - whether it’s at a beginner level or more advanced. (I’ve been known to do a little underwater dance when an Open Water student finally masters a hover!)

Buoyancy is a pivotal skill in diving, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to dive longer, take better underwater pics, and enjoy your dives more. It's also loads of fun to learn as an Adventure Dive or specialty (Peak Performance Buoyancy).

If you’d like to come diving with me, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I’d love to introduce you to the amazing underwater world!

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