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Last stop Phi Phi Islands


As all good things has an end, so does this season for the international Students Volunteers. We had our last tour on the Exotic Phi Phi Cruise with the above pictured Group 2S/2014.

We met them all in the early morning at Railey and set course to Phi Phi Don.
The world famous, unique Phi Phi Islands are difficult to describe using words so the best way is to experience them yourself, which is exactly what we did together.

Our first stop was at Phi Phi Don, which is inhabited and the most famous of all and they all explored the island. Phi Phi Don is a well-known by backpackers as well as charter tourists. It is a small paradise with charming small alleyways where you find souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee bars and a whole lot of other things!
However, the main reason we were at Phi Phi was to experience the marine life. Second stop was in Viking Bay, where Team Jeroen, Team Malene and Team Märt took everyone around for a tour to find Nemo. A few people got the chance to free dive and spend a minute under the surface taking pictures and testing out their Go Pro cameras.

Viking is one of the most beautiful bays, where we snorkelled in the turquoise waters and enjoyed the dramatic limestone formations, which make these islands so famous. During lunch we travelled to our last stop which was at Koh Yung. We meet some of the inhabitants of this beautiful coral reef and some were lucky enough to spot pipe fish and cuttlefish. This reef starts at around 2 meters of depth and continues down to about 8 m.

Kon-Tiki would like to thank all the ISV volunteers who have been joining this tour and we look forward to see you again for another season.

As many of you guys know, volunteering is a great journey and after this you will be changed forever from the unbelievable places you have seen and the eternally optimistic people you have met!

If you are looking for an adventure of your life, check out their website www.isvolunteers.org

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