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 Hong Island Cleanup day kon tiki marin park

The Cleaning Fish's Home at the Hong island 


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makro monday

Macro Diving in Thailand

As a new diver you are usually more impressed and fascinated by the larger marine animals in the sea rather than the critters. This includes schools of fish, sharks, turtles, eels and barracudas for instance that draw the attention away from the actual reef. Even Manta rays are a not too uncommon breath taking sight on some of the dive sites certain time of the year.

Shark Awareness Day 14th July 2017


Today we celebrated Shark Awareness Day with an educational quiz covering sharks in general as well as sharks locally, and learnt about the largest shark (Whale Shark) and the smallest sharks (Pocket and Dwarf Lantern sharks), along with lots of other shark facts.

women dive day kon tiki krabi 2017Thank you for celebrating PADI’s annual Women’s Dive Day with Kon-Tiki Diving!  We celebrate women participating in the dive community, conservation, and sharing their diving experiences around the globe.

trim and buoyancy in diving

We might become close to weightless underwater, but this does not mean that gravity cannot affect you below the surface. As you learn to dive, you will feel how the gravity together with buoyancy plays tricks on you.  

World Oceans Day at Kon-Tiki Krabi
Our Oceans, Our Future

On World Ocean Day we headed to the Phi Phi Island Marine Park in the Andaman Sea with divers from all over the world. Led by our own local Divemaster, Yut, and assisted by Instructors Fran and Till, and supported by the Petchmanee crew, guests scoured the ocean across two dive sites on Phi Phi Ley for trash – and look what they found!

Apeks sidemount offer kon-tiki krabi

Yes it is time for the best green season offer of them all! We will give you a free PADI Sidemount Course when buying the APEKS WSX-25 Sidemount system. This is our most purchased Sidemount System, which is one of the most advanced on the market, and we love it! 

I want to dive in Thailand, but it’s Green (rainy) Season?

Can I actually dive during Green Season?

The good news is – YES! But not everywhere, due to Marine Park closures.

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