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jennifer intern kon tiki krabi

Now you may be wondering what I mean by "the next step" but that is easier explained than you might think.

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trash hero interns kontiki

Hello again!

It’s Mathilda and Jennifer who is writing.

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PM10 phi phi islands

Hello there, it's Mathilda and Jennifer who is writing!

We are now in our fourth week, during this time we have learned a lot’s of things. We have been doing many funny things that we are going to write about now.

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centara pool

Hello everybody! It’s Mathilda and Jennifer who is writing and we are going to tell you about our first week here in Thailand. We are school students from Tingvalla Gymnasium in Sweden.

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Shrimp goby diving krabi ao nang

This is a relationship between two organisms in which the organisms benefit each other. There are many of these in our oceans, and it’s fun to spot them and try to work out the benefits for each.

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padi scuba diver ao nang krabi thailand

1. It’s actually good for you!

A big part of diving is to learn to breathe slowly and calmly. This will give you a relaxed attitude and positive mind. It relieves stress – calm focused breathing along with no emails or annoying phone calls!

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PADI buddycheck bwraf diving krabi ao nang thailand

Big white rabbits are fluffy, blue water reefs and fish, burgers with relish and fries!

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Kon Tiki Krabi new shop beach front ao nang

May 1st - 2016 became a day to remember for Kon Tiki Krabi.

After being a close neighbor to Blue Mango restaurant for a long time and staying right across from Krabi Resort, we had to move.

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PADI Women Dive day Krabi Thailand

July 16th was the second annual PADI Women in Diving day

We wanted to share the excitement we have with our diving. During this day we taught 23 young ladies from the US to participate in Discover Scuba Diving for the day as well as 5 of their male friends. On our boat Ing-Mari we have 1 lady completing her Scuba Diver course and 1 lady just enjoying diving with us.

We wanted to promote that diving is not a competition, it’s a community. Diving is a great way to meet new people and share experiences with friends or family. However although celebrating women’s contribution to the industry we also acknowledge the great guys we work with here at Kon-Tiki Krabi.

1/3 of all of the PADI certificates goes to women, so let’s inspire these youngsters to carry on with their diving and embrace the underwater world and all it can offer us.

To all the women out there – thank you for being a part of this wonderful world.

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